1. River Nile
    Jane Bee

  2. Free Rasta Free
    Jah Fatta And The Black Brothers

  3. Dancing Spirit / Give Them Stylee
    Peter Metro / Daddy Culture

  4. Warrior / Come Back To Me
    Johnny Clarke

  5. Heaven Is At The Feet Of Mothers
    Constantine Weir AKA Yahya

  6. Clarion Call
    Goldmaster Studio

  7. Round And Round
    Johnny Clarke

  8. Out On The Floor Dub

  9. Ready Or Not

  10. Jah Give I Love/Jerusalem
    Prince Alla

  11. Look At The Time
    Carlton Stephenson

  12. Now Is The Time For Jah/Mr Rich Man
    Rickey Messenger & The Semi-Professionals

  13. Proud Is Babylon
    Payoh Soul Rebel

  14. Shoot First
    Papa Levi

  15. Really For A Reason
    Jr. Delgado

  16. Fashion Dread
    Robert Emmanuel

  17. The Winner

  18. Call Your Bluff
    Ella Sutton

  19. Everyday Thing (Vinyl Only)
    Hue B

  20. Give Thanks and Praise (Vinyl Only)
    Hue B

  21. Real Revolutionary
    Sun I Tafari

  22. Right Now
    Little Roy

  23. The Rastaman
    Macka B

  24. Tuff Scout (Vinyl Only)
    Carl Meeks

  25. Good Old Days
    Cornel Campbell

  26. Hypocrites
    Cornel Campbell

  27. Inna London Dub

  28. Invasion (Vinyl Only)
    Sword of Jah Mouth

  29. Mek Dem Gwan
    Spyda meets the Dub Hooligan

  30. Zion I
    Hughie Izachaar

  31. Africa Here I Come
    Micah Shemiah & Pampi Judah

  32. Look Ya Now
    Frankie Paul

  33. My Eyes Can See
    Reality Souljahs

  34. Authentic Music
    Robert Lee

  35. Bail Out
    Big Youth

  36. Big Fight
    Mr Dallas

  37. Bird In Flight
    Carleen Anderson

  38. Can't Give Up
    Mr Dallas

  39. Destiny
    Cornel Campbell

  40. Disasters and Signs
    Little Roy

  41. Disrespect
    Robert Lee

  42. Earthquake
    Horace Martin

  43. Fight Down Rasta
    Double O

  44. Fire
    Papa Levi

  45. Flames of Love

  46. Free Up
    Eccleton Jarrett

  47. Hello Telephone
    Lee Perry

  48. Higher Level
    Frankie Paul

  49. Honour
    Electric I-Mortal

  50. I and I Rasta

  51. I'm Alive
    Danny Red

  52. Inna Mi Yard
    Papa Levi

  53. Live A Little
    Michael Prophet

  54. Live It Up

  55. Live Right
    Big Youth

  56. Love Jah and Live

  57. Nature's Creed
    Lou Rhodes

  58. Nitty Gritty
    Mikey General

  59. Now Generation
    Ronnie Davis

  60. Politricky
    Don Logan

  61. Push Away
    Two Heads

  62. Ready Ready
    Eccleton Jarrett

  63. Real Ting
    Robert Lee

  64. Remote Control
    Macka B

  65. Revelation Time
    Sword of Jah Mouth

  66. Righteous Man
    Prince Hammer

  67. Rise
    Ramon Judah

  68. Romans
    Prince Hammer

  69. Same Almighty
    Michael Prophet

  70. Show Some Love
    Michael Prophet

  71. Sound Boy Warning

  72. Tale Bearer
    Mike Brooks

  73. Tear Down

  74. The Right Way
    Little Roy

  75. Trust Me
    Shaun Escoffery

  76. Wareika Hill
    Prince Hammer

  77. We Rule
    Anthony Johnson

  78. Wicked Babylon
    Tommy Clark & Hopeton Lindo

  79. Wise Words
    Al Campbell

  80. You Wretch
    Mikey General

  81. Battlefield
    Robert Lee

  82. Meltdown
    Robert Lee

  83. Push Push
    Al Campbell

  84. Truths & Rights
    Ramon Judah

  85. Unity
    Horace Martin

  86. Wheel O'Matilda
    Sowell Radics


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